Getting Busy at Fashion Week Sydney


Fashion Week Look One: Alice and Olivia Dress + Eddie Borgo Choker

Fashion Week Look Two: Black Leather Boots + Oskar Tee + Ray Bans

Staying organised has always been a challenge for me. I always have to be doing something so I am guilty of taking a lot on all at once. I work as a Social Media Advisor and a blogger so I have to manage my time extremely efficiently. I have been researching quick wins on managing time but I bit the bullet and downloaded the kindle version of “How to be more organised: Organising your time, systems & spaces”. Lena, the author talks about ways of keeping all of your notes and to do list in the same place to developing better habits to maximise
your time, and working smart.

By applying the advice I learnt from reading the book about working smart and using my time properly I’ve created a whole lot more free time for myself. I’m feeling more relaxed and organised then ever.

The book also outlines ways to reward yourself after doing work, so I’m all for it! It’s a quick and easy read too – I guess Lena, the author doesn’t want to waste your time either!

The imagery I provided was from fashion week – the busiest week of the year!



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