Hair Salon Sydney – the luxe edition



My makeover continues. I started with my wardrobe revamp and now I’m focusing on beauty. Starting with the top. Hair. As a blondey hair can be a massive pain in the ass. You have to always have the best hair care products and you need a hair dresser that does the colour right, because ladies, DIY toning is not on. I learnt this the hard way a long time ago. Think carrot top.

Now I’ll be honest. I am a total, full blow diva when it comes to beauty salons, the best products, best quality and best service. The hair salon, Barney Martin Hair in Surry Hills, Sydney has the best vibe. That’s what you need when you know you’ll be stuck there for an hour or so. As soon as I walked in a felt at home and the two girls I spotted that had just got their hair done both had stunning, natural looking hair. When I sat down and vented to Andrew (my hairdresser) about my hair situation (glass of bubbles in hand) he single handedly fixed my problems within an hour. The colour was a shade of yellow and their were dread locks accumulating from too much dye. Somehow, some way, he fixed it and 4 weeks later it’s thicker and healthier than ever.

The best thing about my new doo, it even looks good after a crawl out of bed.




  • angela May 6, 2016 at 5:57 am

    We loved having you in and the colour looks unreal – great work Andrew! Keep rocking it, lady! X


  • Ariel May 6, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    I only started going to a salon last year, before that my hair hadn’t been touched, and I love it. One of my best friend’s is my stylist and she is amazing!!! I love that you have high standards, you’re the one funding the visit so why shouldn’t it be perfect?? You’re stunning and gorgeous, lady!!




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