So if you haven’t signed up to my mail list now is the time. I’m doing an APRIL MAKEOVER and you have to get on board!! It’s ten steps – number one… OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW. (The boyfriend was super worried when I announced this). I culled 90% of my clothes and it feels so good. I got rid of everything that I don’t wear regularly and everything that isn’t in perfect condition. I now have bare shelves in my wardrobe but NOT FOR LONG because I just ordered a load of stuff off shopbop from their 25% off sale! I say the best way to revamp the wardrobe is with epic accessories and some tops/staple items, and that’s what I did!  I bought some Helmut Lang tops, a Marc Jacobs Brooch, a Rag and Bone top, anddd the gold pumps by Michael Kors I’m wearing in the photos above are now on sale too!

Some other items I’ve been stalking for my revamp are white jeans, denim shorts and to further my accessory addiction,  chokers!





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