Gym Gear, Your Sunday best


IMG_4724IMG_4725Outfits Lorna Jane | Shoes Nike

So I’m dabbling into yoga and loving it. I’m so zen. I’m sitting here about 8 hours after this morning’s class and I’m in full swing Buddha mode. Yes you can rub my belly. Maybe. With my new fitness plan came new fitness attire. (I’m in fashion. You know I can’t help myself with workout clothes). I still love Lorna Jane fitness apparel. I still have tights that are in perfect condition that I have had for years. Quality over quantity. Every time. Plus when I’m investing in fitness apparel I know it’s not just my trainer or the yogi instructor that’s seeing me.

Fitness apparel has slowly made its way onto the brunch menu. My Sunday best of late has been my Nike’s teamed with active wear. I’m not sure if it’s the unofficial uniform of the Eastern Suburbs mafia, but there seems to be a lot of winks and nods exchanged between the Lorna Jane clad, soy latte drinking, sprouted quinoa eating ladies of Bondi. You can’t swing an Alexander Wang Mini Rockie without taking out six balayage’d bitches in Nike Frees at the Hill on a Sunday.



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